Siegel, Daniel J. Mindsight: The New Science of Transformation. Random House, 2010.

A groundbreaking book on the healing power of "mindsight," the potent skill that is the basis for both emotional and social intelligence. Mindsight allows you to make positive changes in your brain–and in your life. Using case histories from his practice, Dr. Dan Siegel shows how, by following the proper steps, nearly everyone can learn how to focus their attention on the internal world of the mind in a way that will literally change the wiring and architecture of their brain. 

Siegel, Daniel J. The Mindful Therapist: A Clinician's Guide to Mindsight and Neural Integration. W.W. Norton, 2010.

Siegel reveals practical techniques that enable readers to harness their energies to promote healthy minds within themselves and their clients. He charts the nine integrative functions that emerge from the profoundly interconnecting circuits of the brain, including bodily regulation, attunement, emotional balance, response flexibility, fear extinction, insight, empathy, morality, and intuition. A practical, direct-immersion, high-emotion, low-techno-speak book, The Mindful Therapist engages readers in a personal and professional journey into the ideas and processes of mindful integration that lie at the heart of health and nurturing relationships. 

Siegel, Daniel J. The Mindful Brain: Reflection and Attunement in the Cultivation of Well-Being. W.W. Norton, 2010.

This book presents a unifying theory that shows how being mindfully aware and attending to the richness of our experience creates scientifically recognized enhancements in our physiology, mental functions, and interpersonal relationships. Using theory, science, and anecdote, Dan Siegel reveals how to transform the brain as well as promote well-being and emotional balance within psychotherapy and everyday life.

Siegel, Daniel J. and Mary Hartzell. Parenting from the Inside Out. Tarcher, 2004.

Born out of a series of workshops that combined research on how communication impacts brain development with Mary Hartzell's thirty years of experience as a child-development specialist and parent educator, this practical and accessible book guides parents through creating the necessary foundations for loving and secure relationships with their children. 

Siegel, Daniel J. Healing Trauma: Attachment, Mind, Body, and Brain. W.W. Norton, 2003.

As we move into the third millennium, the field of mental health is in an exciting position to bring together diverse ideas from a range of disciplines that illuminate our understanding of human experience: neurobiology, developmental psychology, traumatology, and systems theory. The contributors emphasize the ways in which the social environment, including relationships of childhood, adulthood, and the treatment milieu change aspects of the structure of the brain and ultimately alter the mind.

Siegel, Daniel J. The Developing Mind: How Relationships and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are. The Guilford Press, 1999.

This book goes beyond the nature and nurture divisions that traditionally have constrained much of our thinking about development, exploring the role of interpersonal relationships in forging key connections in the brain. Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., presents a groundbreaking new way of thinking about the emergence of the human mind and the process by which each of us becomes a feeling, thinking, remembering individual. Illuminating how and why neurobiology matters, this book is essential reading for clinicians, educators, researchers, and students interested in human experience and development across the life span.