One Person Can Change the World (June 2008)
Nobel Peace laureate Jody Williams, co-founder of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, talks about the power of one person to change the world.


Other Video

Fighting the war against landmines: Video interview with Jody Williams, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize,International Campaign to Ban Landmines. (2004)

Williams talks to NATO about her motivation behind getting involved in the International Campaign to Ban Landmines and about 2004 edition of the Landmine Monitor report.

PeaceJam: (2006)

The BBC World network aired a series of one-minute segments detailing the greatest hopes and fears of PeaceJam's Nobel Peace Laureates. 

Jody Williams - Nobel Women's Initiative: (2008)

Williams talks about how she became interested in social activism at a young age and where that journey has taken her today. 

Jody Williams on the Necessity of Activism: (2008)

Williams talks about how it is not her winning of the Nobel Peace Prize is not what makes her extraordinary – it is her work and passion. She argues that anyone can do what she has done.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams on cluster munitions : (2008)

Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams spoke in Auckland about cluster bombs and the work currently being done to forge an international treaty banning their use.

Origins of the Landmine Campaign: (2008)

Williams talks to Kepplers Speakers about the need for a new civil society movement to ban nukes, how an individual can have an impact on social change, new strategies in human rights and the importance of both human and national security in the world today.