Guided Darkness Practice from Dathün (2009-10).
The program consists of six guided meditation modules: Darkness Makes the Earth Accessible • Inner Purification • Being Within the Body • Expanding Boundaries Into Space • Body as Cosmos

Explorations of Tibetan Tantra: A Weekend Workshop with Reggie Ray (Nov., 2009, Portland, OR)
This workshop was part of Reggie's 2009-10 teaching tour, which included workshops in New York, Montréal, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria and at Spirit Rock and Kripalu. The Portland weekend features teachings on following the thread of tantra in our everyday practice lives, accessing authentic creativity, trusting chaos, egoic process, and developing an unmediated relationship with reality. Guided bodywork meditations explore resting in the depths of the earth, letting go of somatic tension, dimensions of the breath, and looking into the nature of space.

The Path of Desire: Tantric Saints in Indian Buddhism (Nov., 2009, Stanford University)
This talk was given to the Buddhist Studies department of Stanford University during Reggie's 2009 teaching tour. Includes: Tantric Saints in India • Vajrayana as the Path of Desire • Emptiness, Warmth, Sexuality, Tantra, Psychology, and Bön.

Beside Ourselves: The Embodied Spiritual Journey in a Time of Crisis (Boulder, CO, Dec. 4, 2009)
A public talk that includes: The Practicality of Spirituality • Guided Meditation: Releasing Tension in the Body • Guided Meditation: Rooted in the Earth • Learning to Live From the Depths.

What is the Refuge Vow? (Winter Dathün, 2006-7)
Dr. Ray introduces the refuge vow to meditation practitioners considering taking the vow: The Universe Holds Your Vow • Refuge In the Buddha • Refuge In the Dharma • Refuge In the Sangha.

Trust is the Gateway
This program explores trust as the gateway to spiritual growth and human fulfillment. Trust is the price of admission for experiencing life in all of its fullness and beauty. Trust is willingness to trust our bodies as we do the work on the journey.

Union of Heaven and Earth
What is the problem with disembodied meditation in modern people? This program provides a brief explanation of the heaven and earth principle and working with our relative truth through embodiment. A guided prana breathing meditation and extending awareness exercise are included.