Phase Three

Creating on-going conversations and action plans to continue to support Heart-Mind learning.
The legacy film from the October 21 session will be available in the month following the broadcast along with suggestions for classroom use.  This will be communicated to all registered contacts. 
Some additional activities to consider as you plan your work:
  • Continue to use the Journal for personal and group reflections
  • Choose a Heart-Mind quality to focus on within your setting (using the menu on the left)
Inquiry questions to consider and study with students as you go deeper into the work of Heart-Mind Learning and it’s connection to the  Personal and Social Competency , which is embedded in BC’s new curriculum and assessment framework:
  • Go back to the original inquiry questions you generated. How can you continue the study? 
  • What are the stories that emerge as this learning progresses?
  • What actions are you taking to promote the culture of caring in your learning community?
  • With whom can you share stories? 
  • How can you share these stories?