Senge, P.M., & Goldman, D. (2006). Working with Presence: A Leading with Emotional Intelligence Conversation with Peter Senge. Macmillan Audio.

The 4th instalment in an ongoing dialogue audio book series with luminaries in the field of business. Peter Senge and Daniel Goleman discuss how emotional intelligence is an integral part of the “learning organization” and what organizations need to do to continue to grow, learn and succeed.

Senge, P.M. Quicktalks. Society for Organizational Learning.

The Targeted Learning Corporation worked with Peter Senge to record a series of nine short recordings, three of which are now available in MP3 format on SoL's website, linked above. Each quicktalk provides a glimpse into Peter's current thinking on some of today's most pressing organizational issues and offers refreshing perspectives for exploration. 

Senge, P.M. (2008). The Power of Presence. Louisville, CO: Sounds True.

A practical seminar in a skill Senge calls “presencing”: a method for applying the serenity of living in the now to even our most demanding, high-pressure challenges. He teaches a powerful approach to living; explores a three-stage process for attuning ourselves individually and collectively to every facet of a situation and then acting from our deepest wisdom; and provides tools for presencing, techniques for opening your sensory capacities, slowing down your mind, expanding your empathy.