Peter Senge on contemplation and organzational well-being (June 2009)
Peter Senge speaks on his personal exposure and ongoing exploration of contemplation. He explains how meditation practice helps him find stability in his work on organization development. For Senge, presence to ourselves and to one another emerges from contemplative practice and presence is the essence of organizational wellbeing.


Other Video

Senge on Change & Learning. Gahanna, OH: Training

A 5-part DVD video in which Senge illuminates the crucial role learning plays in any successful organizational change effort and helps us understand ways to get beyond frustrating barriers to learning. He underscores the importance of elevating the human dimension of the workplace and the remarkable capacity of inspired people to work together to create what they really want. Organizations of all kinds will benefit from the leading-edge perspective and keen insights of one of the most renowned figures in contemporary management thought. Ideal for use by consultants, trainers, managers, and leaders who plan and present leadership development programs in organizations. Each section is designed as a stand alone presentation to provoke questions and dialogue, and to set a context for reflective discussion. Each complete DVD video also flows from section to section and can be used as a whole.

Senge on Leadership. Gahanna, OH: Training

A 4-part DVD video in which Senge speaks in plain, straight-to-the-point language about crucial leadership issues faced by all organizations as they work to create the results they really care about. From proposing alternative roles for leaders that go beyond the destructive hero-CEO myth to underscoring the central position of trust and relationships in collective endeavors, Senge zeros in on pivotal organizational challenges and points a way ahead for all who see themselves as leaders.

Senge, P.M., & Drucker, P. (2001). Leading in a time of change, what it will take to lead tomorrow: A conversation with Peter Drucker & Peter M. Senge. Workbook edition. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

The Drucker Foundation presents a conversation between Peter F. Drucker and Peter M. Senge, hosted by Frances Hesselbein. This package includes a video and a companion workbook. Two great minds of modern management share their wisdom on how leaders can prepare themselves and their organizations for the inevitable changes that lie ahead. Drucker and Senge talk about the importance of all organizations learning to lead change. The companion workbook, an invaluable aid in making strategic decisions, serves as a fundamental resource for planning and implementing changes within your organization. This extraordinary package is an ideal tool for executive retreats, management training, or personal leadership development.