Heart-Mind 2013: Presenters

Cliff Saron
Common Sense Contemplation

Dr. Clifford Saron, known internationally for his research on meditation, shares insights from the Shamatha Project, the most comprehensive study to date investigating the effects of long-term intensive meditation practice.

Goldie Hawn
How Mindfulness Helps Children Thrive

Academy Award winning actress, producer, director, best-selling author and children’s advocate, Goldie Hawn talks about the power of mindfulness to help children manage stress and negative emotions.

Kimberly Schonert-Reichl
Mindfulness as a Pathway to Social and Emotional Development

Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl presents findings about the effectiveness of social and emotional learning programs on children's executive functions, social-emotional and psychological well-being, and school achievement.

Paul Tough
How Children Succeed

Best-selling author Paul Tough helps us understand how early adversity affects childhood emotional, social, and cognitive development in ways that will carry on throughout their entire lives, and what we can do about it.

Adele Diamond
Cultivating the Mind

Dr. Adele Diamond discusses ways to improve self-regulation, creativity and problem-solving. Dr. Diamond’s work focuses on the area of the brain known as the pre-frontal cortex.

Rob Roeser
Mindfulness Training

Dr. Rob Roeser examines how practices like yoga and mindfulness meditation can be integrated into teacher professional development and secondary school settings. The results are a reduction in stress, enhanced well-being and greater compassion among teachers and adolescents.

Linda Lantieri
Nurturing the Inner Lives of Children and Adults

Linda Lantieri explores how adults can help children manage the pressures they face. With some form of regular contemplative practice, social and emotional capacity is strengthened.

Roy Henry Vickers
Life Lessons in Mindfulness

Celebrated Canadian artist and storyteller Roy Henry Vickers shares inspirational wisdom that provides a glimpse into the life lessons that he has learned and that his ancestors have passed on to him.

Shawn Achor
The Happiness Advantage

Psychologist Shawn Achor argues that we may have education all wrong. Success in school doesn't necessarily lead to happiness later in life, but happiness does lead to more success. He encourages parents and educators to focus on happiness in the present.