Mindfulness in Education

At Heart-Mind 2013, there was an opportunity to see mindfulness put into action in education. Featuring programs from schools across Vancouver, the videos and performances below provide just a sampling of some of the great work that is already being done in today's schools.

Big Ideas in Self-Regulation
Henry Hudson Elementary School

Drawing inspirations and ideas from the Vancouver Biennale Open Air Museum, students at Henry Hudson Elementary School share, reflect and respond to the BIG IDEAS of Self-Regulation and Mindful Expression.

Expressive Painting Project
Vancouver Technical Secondary School

The "Expressive Painting Project" shows the transformation from one emotional state to another, and in many cases from "a current state to an ideal state". 


Creating a Choir Family
Magee Chamber Choir

Greg Quan, a music educator in public schools since 1998, shares his philosophy of fostering mindful students through the creation of the “Choir Family”.