Short Films: Inspired by Heart-Mind 2013

The Dalai Lama Center partnered with Capilano University's School of Motion Picture Arts to engage a small group of film and documentary students who would attend Heart-Mind 2013 and produce short films about their experiences. Capilano University also generously provided film equipment and technical support to the film students. The resulting films are personal and powerful reflections of Heart-Mind 2013.  

Mindfulness and Nature

Mindfulness is a nourishing mental practice that can be employed at almost any time. This film explores the relationships between wild life appreciation, mindfulness, and education.



Helping Children Thrive Starts
With You

Crysta Perak's video about mindfulness reflects society's impact as educators, mentors and parents of children through excerpts of Dr. Adele Diamond's lecture "Cultivating the Mind".


Which Wolf Are You Feeding?

"Which Wolf Are You Feeding?" candidly demonstrates the choice we have every day and every moment to focus on the positive or the negative.