Expressive Paintings

For Vancouver Technical Secondary School's Expressive  Painting Project, students were asked to create a series of  drawings. 
First, they created a drawing with coloured chalk  of a current emotional state, how they were that day. ("Today  I am...") 
Next, they created a drawing of their "Ideal State", being all  they could be.  For a third drawing, students draw inner qualities they had  that would help them to move from their current state to  their ideal state. Students wrote their thoughts on the back of  each drawing. 
Students joined each series of three drawing together -  Current State Drawing, Inner Quality Drawing and Ideal  State Drawing. They choose one of the series to paint and  painted this transition. These paintings were featured at Heart-Mind 2013. 
Susan Jones, the Van Tech art teacher introduced reflective writing and mindful breathing practice early on in the school year . She integrates this practice in some way in each art project - whether drawing from observation, imagination or expressively.
"I'm simply thrilled that these talented young artists' work  was showcased at Heart -Mind 2013 (UBC)," said Susan  Jones, the Van Tech art teacher who led the project.