Magee Chamber Choir

Greg Quan, a music educator in public schools since 1998, is the artistic director of the choral and orchestra programs at Magee Secondary School in Vancouver BC.  
His philosophy of helping to foster mindful students through the creation of the “Choir Family” was on display at Heart-Mind 2013.
"We don’t just sing together, we care for each other," says Greg. "We respect each other. We listen to each other and we respond accordingly. By making this a choir family, we begin to think not only of ourselves, but for each other and as we create stronger and stronger bonds, we work harder each and every day because we don’t want to let down any of our family members."
In addition to leading the Magee Chamber Choir through two impressive performances, Greg also demonstrated how they begin each morning with a daily affirmation. You can watch their process along with their performances in the video above.