Which Wolf Are You Feeding?

"Which Wolf Are You Feeding?" candidly demonstrates the choice we have every day and every moment to focus on the positive or the negative. The film weaves together the Cherokee legend about two wolves "fighting in my heart" with scenes of filmmaker, Kamile Kapel, navigating daily challenges of life in the city and learning to be more positive in the process.
Kamile Kapel is a recent graduate of the Documentary Film Program at Capilano University where she directed, produced and edited the short films, "Pretty Shy City" and "Music Theory is Sexy". She is also a seasoned songwriter and actor. More at: www.kamile.com
With 20 years experience in the film and television industry, Kelly Morris is best known for his talents as a Documentary Editor. His Directing credits include music videos, and his Cinematography has taken him to India, El Salvador and America. More at: www.waterfrontfilms.ca